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Thread Cabinet


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This cabinet is a detailed reproduction of an original antique found in Pennsylvania. It measures 21" wide, 18" deep and 13" high. While it could have been a countertop store display I have created a separate base so that the cabinet can sit on the floor. A 12" base raises the top to 25"; the height of the base can be customized to make the top as high or low as desired. The addition of a customer's piece of plate glass makes it perfect for use as a chairside table. The seven original drawers are shallow, lending themselves to storage of quilt blocks, fabrics, and patterns; and a TV remote will fit in the top drawer. Some customers have ordered the cabinet to house items as varied as knives, rubber stamps, fossils, and origami. The inside dimensions of the drawers are 1-1/8" deep by 17" wide by 15-7/8". To accommodate requests for deeper drawers I have combined pairs to produce drawers 2-3/4" deep, while retaining the original outward appearance of seven individual drawers. I include a finished back on the cabinet to match the original. This provides greater flexibility in placement in a room.

The original cabinet is made of chestnut, which is not commonly available today with good grain; I have made it in sassafrass, which produces a good grain pattern, and also in cherry and quarter sawn white oak. Other woods are also available.

Cherry, Oak, Sassafras $500
Walnut, Curly (Tiger) Maple $550

$45 (painted hickory to match knobs)
$75 (wood and finish to match cabinet)

Cabinet: $70
Base $60

Costs are estimates and are based on UPS charges and will be higher for greater distances. The actual shipping cost will be determined after the cabinet wood and the destination are selected.
I do not charge for packaging materials or my time.

wood  woodworking  custom furniture  reproduction  quilt rack